There’s a certain mystique about Earl Grey. It’s distinctive flavor and colorful, mystery shrouded origins make a good story, and it’s probably the best known of all English teas, and possibly the best known tea, period. Repeated references to the blend in popular culture (most commonly, music, movies, television, and […]

As responsible dog lovers, we know that not everything beneficial to humans is useful or healthy for our canine friends. We also know that there are some exceptions to this rule. Green tea is one of the worthwhile exceptions, and it turns out that its benefits for dogs are numerous. […]

A Brief Introduction The ancient art of the Chinese tea ceremony is known to be a ceremony of the highest esteem that a host can offer a guest. While the Chinese tea ceremony is remarkably simpler compared to the Japanese version, (the Japanese version tends to be more rigid and […]

When you are handed a business card of a professional with letters after their name, what thought comes to mind? That of the infamous billionaire Thurston Howell III, the famous character from TV sitcom Gilligan’s Island, who was tactless, blameful, pretentious, and lazy? Or, the customer-serving, career-mind, educated professional who […]

Decaffeinated tea, also known as decaf tea, is tea that has had most of its caffeine removed. Decaffeination processes are diverse, ranging from ones that are dangerous and have been made illegal, to ones that are totally safe and pose no health risks. At least one of the processes in […]