These are the basic cooking and baking utensils that any aspiring baker and cook should have. Pots: they are used for cooking food and boiling liquids on the stove top. Sauce pans: making sauces and holding liquids. Heavy bottomed ones with pouring lips are preferable. Knives: used for chopping, cutting,carving […]

Petit four which simply means “small oven” is the precise name for those miniature cakes that you locate on trays at parties and on the table at elegant dinners. They are present as mini-pastries made out of cream and fruits. The ability for chefs and caterers to create new and […]

There’s a certain mystique about Earl Grey. It’s distinctive flavor and colorful, mystery shrouded origins make a good story, and it’s probably the best known of all English teas, and possibly the best known tea, period. Repeated references to the blend in popular culture (most commonly, music, movies, television, and […]