I was recently in San Diego and had the opportunity to visit with some people from White Labs. This is an impressive company that is dedicated to all things yeast, no matter the application. They also have a brewery operation that allows them to experiment with recipes and do contract […]

I have a little information that I think is correct about Robert E. Lee’s favorite cake. This recipe is from my grandmother on my mother’s side and they were from Richmond and Norfolk areas. The information that I have is that his wife Mary Custis Lee provided this cake upon […]

Trivia is popular the world over. TV gameshows, those little Trivial Pursuit cards they leave out on tables in diners to amuse yourself with while waiting for your meal, everyone loves to know little pieces of information that their friends can be impressed with! With that in mind, how about […]

Cookies have been around for many centuries. There are many different versions from the early days of baking. They have evolved from what were then called flat “twice” baked biscuits, or savory biscuits. Many different cultures and civilizations have tried the art of cookie baking. Some were more of a […]