One of your most prized collectible since generations, the brilliantly adorned and ornamented German beer stein entails utmost care and handling the priceless piece dexterously. Let’s discuss the vital aspects of proper display and cleaning these gorgeous objects of vanity. Display of Steins Display your beer steins with closed lids, […]

Please join me in imagining a planet where the following happens – billions of cats and dogs are raised in unpleasant conditions, killed and then eaten by humans. Now, imagine that these dogs and cats feel as much pain, if not more, than humans, that the planet’s scientists have shown […]

Picture this: You are on your way home from soccer practice with Timmy and since you haven’t gone grocery shopping this week, all you have in the fridge are a couple of onions and some canned beans in the cupboard. You don’t want McD’s because you had that stuff yesterday […]

A first aid training course generally teaches you about the various techniques that can be used to save lives. These techniques and skills are to be used during emergency situations to stabilize a person whose health is compromised. First aid must be administered to the victim until a medical team […]