35 Google Tricks You Need to Try – Best Google Easter Eggs

From functional to fun: The all-powerful search engine is packed with more cool Google tricks than you realized.

Google homepage on laptop in yellow roomGetty Images, via google.com

Fun Google tricks

Searching for information on the internet can get pretty boring, so why not make it a little more entertaining with these Google tricks? You can play games, make your search page spin, defy gravity, and so much more. Keep reading to discover all of the Google easter eggs you never knew about. For more laughs, check out these funny things you can ask your Google Home to do.

barrelvia google.com

It can do a barrel roll!

Type “do a barrel roll” into Google, click “search”, and your browser window will do a 360-degree spin. It’s a geeky reference to Nintendo’s Star Fox series, in which a wise old rabbit named Peppy (an intergalactic fighter pilot) advises your character to avoid enemy fire by pulling said maneuver. You can get the same fun Google tricks effect by typing “z or r twice” in reference to the controller buttons you’d press in the game. Don’t miss these other 12 funny Google searches that have us wondering, “who asks these questions?”