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Baking – a number of people understand what it is, but it is losing favor as our lives get more and more fast-paced and geared towards convenience. We simply cannot spend the necessary time baking in our own homes. Despite the reduced popularity in baking simple goods like cakes and bread, baking specialty items such as cookies and muffins has illustrated an upsurge of popularity due to a more advanced and wider selection of bakeware.

Beyond the simple practicality of consuming food in order to live, we generally mark rites of passage and milestones with special foods. Heading the top of the specific food list has got to be the “humble” cake. Think about it: how would you like it if your big birthday, wedding, or anniversary did not feature a yummy cake or other baked delicacies?

Baking is the tradition of preparing and cooking many different foods. On the one hand, we have cakes, pastries, and biscuits that are applied to celebrate milestones or just as a simple gift/treat. On the other hand, we have simple baked goods like bread and pasta dishes. There can be no doubting that baked foods are essential and, while baking each day is a luxury many of us cannot afford time-wise, maybe by baking our own goods every now and again we can better treasure those basic meals and social occasions by more directly contributing to them.

Baking is the technique for extended cooking of food by convection in an oven, on hot ashes, or on hot stones. It covers a huge number of different dishes. All the cuisines across the globe have a signature bread, dessert, or pastry, so the options can be overwhelming. What if our early attempts are not treasured or prove too hard to complete successfully? Is there something that might be a sure-fire hit and will be a simple introduction to baking? Well, you will be pleased to know that there is a treat that fits the bill here nicely.

If you live anywhere near a metro area, the probabilities are good that there will be a bakeshop around that specializes in cup cakes. Yes, they are currently a favourite. While the hope here is that you will bake your own cupcakes every now and again, these bakehouses are great places to get inspiration in terms of decorating and recipes. Nothing like a ready-made excuse: when you are leisurely enjoying their goods you can say it is all being done in the name of research!
Portion control is also a big factor in the popularity of cup cakes. A slice of cake can end up being fairly huge, but when we eat a cupcake we have a much better idea as to how great our indulgence was. With many of us trying to eat better or watching our physiques, cup cakes make it much easier to monitor the snackage.

Fondant, buttercream frosting, sprinkles, chocolate shavings… the list of confections applied to decorate cup cakes can be very, very long. The standard frosting is simple enough and no one is going to penalise you if you use a ready-made icing on your homemade cup cakes. The important thing is that you took the initiative and baked something, which is a claim not everyone can make. Put a few coloured sprinkles on that first batch of cup cakes and you’re done and dusted. You can get serious the next time you give it a go.

In addition to basic inscriptions, borders, stars, and rosettes, other such effects can be easily achieved with the piping bag (also named a pastry bag). You simply cannot create the appealing uniformity or tidiness of professional baked goods with a knife or spatula. Filling cupcakes or embellishing them with a basic rosette is downright standard with a piping bag: simply insert the desired tip, fill the bag with icing and squeeze in the right direction! After you have got the piping bag mastered, and it will not take too long, you will pretty much own cupcakes. You might look around for some different recipes and experiment with flavours and fillings, but you will be ready for new recipes.

After you have mastered the cup cake, it is not too much of a stretch to make a full sized cake. The ingredients are the same and similar decorating methods are applied. If you found the presentation element to be the most satisfying, then you will want to explore three dimensional cakes or cakes in the round. By that we’re talking about cake as sculpture. Detailed examples here include birthday cake trains hauling cars of lollies or a village of holiday cake cottages. Several producers, such as Wilton and Nordic Ware, sell three dimensional cake pans in the shape of castles, trains and more. Cakes made with such pans become genuine centerpieces at the event or party and they are going to be remembered.
After such practice, one thing is certain. You are now a much more accomplished baker.

Jacqueline M. Faulkner

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