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Admit it, if you were given the opportunity to go to space or take a tour around the globe, you would go opt for the latter option. Because, even though going to space would be an once-in-a-lifetime achievement and something that only a few hundred people have achieved, yet space is just space and there is nothing to visit.

On the other hand, if we get the opportunity to do a world tour, then we look forward to visiting all the nice and historical places that are present in countries we visit. The second thing in the list most of the tourists have is the food that they wish to try for every place they visit.

Although it is not wrong to wish for something as exciting as a world tour, the reality is that it is not entirely possible for us to take a tour around the globe and try each and every food item that is offered there.

Ido Fishman’s Food Experience from Around the World

This is something that social media and other networks know very well and that is why there are many shows covering the same topics and sending off their show hosts in different parts of the world to try different dishes.

Just like us, Ido Fishman Chef  was also eager to experience the entire world by himself and get to savor the delicious food and dishes per country/city/town on his own. Fortunately for Ido Fishman, he had enough resources to make it happen so he went on a journey and tried dishes from all over the world. As a result, he was able to come up with a list of food items that he considers are worth trying whenever we get the opportunity to visit the countries where these items are available:

Meat Pie

Meat Pie is one of the most eaten and cherished foot items in Australia. No matter the occasion, the Australians love to take a bite out of their meat pies and enjoy them with other food items and drinks. Most of the time, the locals are seen having meat pies cafes and they do it by adding a topping of ketchup on top of them.


Also known as the Viennese apple strudel, Apfelstrudel is a close relative to the class apple pie that the people from America love to have at family gatherings, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Apfelstrudel is one of the most cherished desserts that the people of Austria love to have. It is a sweet pastry dough that is combined with apple tart and having some sugar sprinkled over it.

Moules Frites

Moules Frites is considered to be fast food for the people living in Belgium. The Belgians eat Moules Frites the same way as the Americans love to have burgers and fries. In English, the name of the dish is mussels and fries where the mussels are either mixed with a curry-flavored powder or steamed.


Pudim nowadays is found in almost every restaurant in every buffet almost all over the world. However, the country that has the title for making and serving the best pudim is the South American country, Brazil. Although many people confuse pudim with flan but it is different than that as it carries an even softer texture than flan.

Steak and Kidney Pie

One of the most delicious dishes from around the world as per Ido Fishman is the steak kidney and pie that is served the best in England. The steak is made up of the kidneys taken out either from pork or lamb. Although this dish is counted among one of the delicacies in England, yet the locals love to have a fork at it every now and then to try to savor its flavors.


Ramen is a dish that needs no introduction among the rest as it is the most popularly consumed dish in entire Japan. To put it in simple words, the locals from Japan cannot imagine living and eating food without having ramen on the tables. Although there are only 4 major kinds of ramen, yet every restaurant uses its own specialty when making ramen for the customers.

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