Costco Keurig Single Cup Coffee Brewing System Review

After months of hearing my daughter brag about her Costco Keurig Single Cup Brewing System (and many delicious cups of coffee I had at her apartment), I finally decided to swing by Costco to pick up a Keurig coffee maker of my own.

My wife and daughter both love fancy coffee drinks from Starbucks. Me, I prefer strong coffee from Jamaica or Hawaii. Unfortunately, that means brewing coffee at home always leaves somebody unhappy. Because our tastes in coffee are so different, my wife and I were spending literally hundreds of dollars per month on expensive coffee drinks. When I looked at my last bank statement, I realized that I could be driving a new car with the money we were spending just on coffee!

Of course, there are tons of brands of single cup coffee makers, so choosing the right one didn’t seem easy at first. After looking through tons of catalogs and browsing what seemed like a thousand websites, I decided to just swing by Costco to see what they had on display.

Costco carries several brands of coffee makers, including fancy machines from Keurig, Jura, Saeco and Cuisinart. If you’re a Costco shopper, you probably know that Costco also gives out tons of free samples. It just so happened that a Keurig Costco display was offering free samples of two different Keurig pods the day that I was there, and boy was the coffee delicious!

After looking at all of the coffee makers, reading online reviews and asking other people what they thought, the Costco Keurig machine stood out as the clear winner. Here’s what I learned when I started doing my homework. Single cup coffee makers are perfect for households with different tastes (like ours), and the Keurig brand seems to be the favorite amongst coffee lovers like me. Plus, there are over 250 coffees, teas, hot chocolates and iced beverages available in Keurig pods!

Better yet, the Costco Keurig Platinum Single Cup Coffee Brewing System was less expensive than the other coffee makers and had twice as many positive reviews! For less than $200, I could pay for a Costco Keurig in less than 2 weeks if we stopped going to Starbucks. And since it came with 60 Keurig pods, I’d save $50 – $100 per week for every week after that! What makes the deal even sweeter is that it comes with a Keurig Costco Reusable Coffee Filter, which I can use to brew my own coffee whenever I choose! Costco also sells Starbucks and Donut House K-Cups, but I like the Newman’s Own and Tully’s French Roast, and my wife prefers the Green Mountain Hazelnut Blend.

Our Costco Keurig B70 is way faster than brewing a whole pot of coffee (it actually brews coffee in less than a minute) and there’s no mess to clean up. All you have to do is throw away your used K-cups and you’re done! We love our Costco Keurig Single Cup Brewing System, and I’m pretty sure you will too. So much so that I setup a site to help other coffee lovers find a real and unbiased review of the best single cup coffee makers available, plus tips on using, cleaning and descaling Keurig coffee makers.

Jacqueline M. Faulkner

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