E juice bottles at wholesale

With a recent interest spike in vaping, there is also a growing need on the market to store and distribute vape juice. Thus it is necessary for any e liquid manufacturers to attain a good amount of e liquid bottles. Depending on the type of e juice, how it is intended to be sold and to whom a wide array of choices is necessary to ensure long and fruitful cooperation with customers – both e liquid buissnsesses and average customers. As type of packaging e liquid bottles have to present both high quality and functionality, to be a fitting accesory for any vaper.

Our bottles are made of high quality plastic as our company has previously worked with highly demanding medicine field and made pharmaceutical bottles which were compatible with very strict rules of the industry.

From 2013 we started creating plastic bottles that are suitable for the use with e juice (or e liquid, used in electronic cigarettes) and since then our company started developing their e liquid bottle offer of many sizes and colours including, as of recent years, many customization options. To further the comfort of our customers we produce dropper bottles for the comfortable use with personal vaping accessories.

nexeem e liquid bottles – quality choice

Our bottles are a perfect choice for any e liquid manufacturer. We offer high quality product at great price and, with our strong distribution network we are fitting suppliers for any buissness all across EU. Be sure to check out our page at nexeem.com and familiarize yourself with our assortment of bottles in different sizes and types. We also offer customization of orders which even include bottle colour.

safety – materials and other measures

As manufacturers of e liquid bottles we are aware not only about the marketable values such as affordability and physical quality but also safety. Our bottles are made either of PET or LDPE material which makes them great for storing e liquid and materials used are certified and in compliance with international quality laws such as EU Comission Decision 2016/586 regarding the use of TPD materials. Our bottles are produced in sterile environment fitting for highly demanding standards of pharmaceutical industry, which makes them the safest choice for the storing of e cigarette juice.

We also put utmost care in creating our packaging and making it child resistant. All of our dropper bottles have special caps or temper bands, that prevent children from opening them. We take utmost care to ensure the safety of our products and keep up with all the latest regulations regarding the industry.


Jacqueline M. Faulkner

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