How Could I Preserve My Health and Wellness?

Health and wellness stands for our overall capacity to withstand ailments including depression, obesity, common cold and cough. People generally don’t look at health hazards while stretching at work or taking unprocessed fast food. Also there is a growing tendency among people, especially youngsters, to take shelter under modern medicine for instant relief from pain. Research has proven that our food contains all the elements needed to cure most any disease. Let’s take a look at some of the most nutrient-dense vegetables that are readily available.

Spinach is widely used as a fresh vegetable. It is an excellent source of vitamins, manganese, iron, foliate, phosphorous, protein and antioxidants. Cabbage is a nice low calorie food which contains a considerable amount of fiber, calcium and vitamin C. Lettuce is low calorie fiber food with anti-cancer properties. Broccoli provides rich amount of bioflavonoid which prevents cancer and heart diseases.

When picking vegetables, go for fresh and frozen vegetables as they contain less added salt hence much better than canned vegetables. For Health and wellness, take garden fresh green vegetables only. A good idea is to shop for vegetables in the market and buy only those with green leaves. Include natural produce in your menu and you can prevent many of the diseases from attacking.

Rest is another factor that is crucial for your overall health. Your body needs rest after a long day at work. According to experts, a healthy body needs at least 8- 10 hours sound sleep to refresh itself for another day. Stress and tension are the enemies of sleep. With excess tension, one can neither sleep nor work. It is the stage where Health and wellness suffers. You will get depressed, hypertension and obesity. It’s better to avoid stress at work or the work that involves a lot of stress.

The topic of health and wellness completes with a discussion on exercise and its benefits. Walking is the best exercise as it involves movement of every part right from tip to toe. Exercising can alone help you get rid of many diseases including obesity, heart ailments, joint pain and gastro problems. It is necessary for everyone to exercise regularly to burn the extra fat that is the root cause of common diseases. Together with nutritious meal, proper rest and regular exercise, you can live a healthy life that is full of joy. Make a resolution that you would eat only nutritious foods, take proper rest and exercise regularly.

Jacqueline M. Faulkner

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