Set Up for Weight Loss Success

Setting up your kitchen for weight loss success is not as difficult as you might think. If you are just starting out with weight loss and are planning on eating right, you’ll need to set up your home with these weight loss kitchen essentials:


Quality Cutting Knives

Cutting Board (medium size is OK)

Electric Chopper

Microwave (this will become your best friend…. Trust me.)

Full Set Of Microwavable Dishes

Microwave Steaming bags

Basket Steamer or Microwave Steamer (e.g. microwave rice cooker)

Non-stick Broiling Pan

Non-stick Skillet

Countertop Grill

Measuring Spoons and Measuring Cups

1 Large Measuring Cup with Handel

Storage Containers (Tupperware)

Food Scale

As you can tell from this list of cooking supplies there is nothing fancy or expensive. You will see once you start cooking healthy the microwave will become indispensable. You can steam brown rice, vegetables and even cook chicken or fish in steaming zipper bags, what you will start to find out is that many meals can be made without any additional equipment or utensils.

With the help from the blender and the electric chopper you can make tons of healthy salads, smoothies, low fat shakes and so much more. Want to add extra protein to your salad use the chopper and chop up some chicken or hardboiled eggs. “Cooking healthy” could not be any easier.

The broiler pan allows you to broil fish and chicken. Use the Non-Stick skillet when you want to cook using less fat than a regular skillet. The counter top grill only comes to use when you want to grill indoors, on cold winter days or your apartment doesn’t allow outdoor grills… if not an outdoor grill will be fine.

The most important tools will be the measuring tools. These will allow you to keep portions in check. Keeping your portion control in check can make or break your weight loss efforts. If you can, get many different sets of measuring cups these will be used daily. The knives and cutting board will make chopping veggies for snakes and recipes an ease. These “weight loss kitchen essentials” can be ease to find and ease to use.

Jacqueline M. Faulkner

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