Simple, Quick & Healthy Exotic Salad Recipes

Salad is one of the most variedly used dishes in over the world. It generally consists of slices of fresh vegetables and cheeses. Every one creates their own favorite take as they hold great nutritional qualities. The salad is available in a range of varieties which is differentiated by food culture and customs.

Salad includes a range of crunchy green leaves along with nuts and grains. You can also add several fruits, seeds, pastas, poultry, dairy and several other foods. They can be consumed hot or cold form.

One of the most common and widely used forms of salad is ‘Green Salad’ which exhibits a blend of several vegetables with lots of dressing and sauces. Salad is a very versatile dish which can be used in summer or winter, fall or in spring at time of the year you wish. There are a range of salads such as Caesar Salads, Greek salads, Dessert salads and many more.

Garden Salad is one of the varied used salads which comprises of iceberg lettuce, green peppers, cucumber and many other things are also included in it. These are mostly served with balsamic vinaigrette or ranch dressing for making it one of the best salads.

Caesar salad is a traditional salad offered by most of the restaurants of United States. They are often called as the king of salads. Caesar salad includes croutons, romaine lettuce and Parmesan cheese and many more things. It often includes anchovies and olives which make it taste great. The credit of creating this salad goes to the Caesar Cardini.

Cobb salad is invented by the Hollywood Brown Derby restaurant owner Bob Cobb. It is one of the most essential dishes of any meal in United States. It consists of tomatoes, chicken, crisp bacon along with hard boiled eggs and chives. It can be served in two ways either with chicken avocado, tomatoes and hard boiled eggs over the stripes of lettuce or can be presented with ready to eat format.

Dressing of Cobb salad varies according to the choice of an individual. If you love vinegar then your salad will definitely contain vinegar but sugar, salt, pepper, lemon juice are also used for dressing over salad according to the preference.

Greek salad is an integral part of the Greek meal. This salad is very famous all around the world. It consists of oregano seasoned red onion, salt and pepper along with chopped tomato, cucumber which is topped with olive oil. Depending upon the choice the cheese, kalamata olives can or cannot be included in it.

This is taken as one of the most popular appetizer, side dish or main course dish in the restaurants of all over the world. It is considered as a healthy salad as it contains a range of vegetables that exhibits health providing elements and seems very appealing to others.

Village salad is another type of Greek salad which does not contain lettuce it often contains slices of tomatoes, cucumber along with onion and kasseri cheese or feta which are dressed with olive oil or lemon juice.

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