Surprising Black Tea Health Benefits You Probably Didn’t Know 

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Aside from being an ideal source of caffeine, black tea can offer several benefits you probably might not have known about. 

Let’s go back to its roots. Black tea initially originated in China, and from there, it quickly spread to Asia and Europe. The spread led China to begin exporting tea, and they realized that black tea leaves are sustained longer due to the long travel it makes. And that’s not the only remarkable thing about it. Let us assess some of its many intriguing benefits to the human body.

Cleaning up Plaque in Arteries 

The plaque that builds up in one artery is called “atherosclerosis,” which is quite common and can lead one to become a victim of coronary heart disease. 

The cause behind this plaque is fats, cholesterol, and various other substances that stop the blood flow. As such, it can lead one to deal with a blocked artery that can burst any moment. 

Protection Against Diabetes 

Type 2 diabetes has been on the rise for a while, and many people are beginning to look for ways to reduce the chances of contracting the disease and help regulate their sugar levels through natural means. 

Now, while black tea cannot help one get cured of this chronic disease, it can certainly help reduce the chances of getting it in the first place. According to the Journal of Food Science, it was found that Polysaccharide is a type of carbohydrate that has starch and cellulose, which can help people with type 2 diabetes as it can help to retard the absorption of glucose. 

Increasing Bone Density 

According to a study conducted in England, it was found that 1100 women drank tea and 120 women didn’t, all between the ages between 65 and 76. 

The study concluded that tea drinkers had a greater bone mineral density measurement than those who didn’t drink tea. “These findings were independent of smoking status, use of hormone replacement therapy, coffee drinking, and whether milk was added to the tea.” says researcher Hogarty. 

And since science is still evolving, we can bet that there are still many benefits to black tea that we have yet to uncover. Until then, why not try out black tea and avail themselves of its various benefits? 

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