[ad_1] Every day billions of people depend on wild flora and fauna to obtain food, medicine and energy. But a new U.N.-backed report says that overexploitation, climate change, pollution and deforestation are pushing one million species towards extinction. A less biodiverse planet would hugely impact humans, which use about 50,000 […]

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[ad_1] This post may contain affiliate links. American Goulash – Hearty, easy, comfort food made with ground beef and sausage, tender elbow macaroni, green peppers, onions, and tomatoes. The mixture simmers in marinara sauce for layers of flavor! Ready in just 30 minutes and makes a big batch that’s perfect […]

[ad_1] Any Otter Pop fans out there? Those sweet and icy popsicles carried us through many a hot summer day as kids, and we’ve now given them the ultimate upgrade! These tropical-tasting icy treats are sweetened entirely with whole fruit (yes to fiber!), naturally electrolyte-boosting (hello coconut water), and SO […]