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Thank you for having the #YesYouScan pledge! By simply just adding your title to the hundreds of others dedicated to ideal bone health and fitness, you are raising consciousness of the importance of preventive screenings!

And really don’t stress — we will never be subsequent up with you and will just consider your phrase for it!

Your particular information and facts will not be shared.

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    1. I’m pledging to get my DXA scan to superior understand my hazard of #osteoporosis. Share this submit to encourage your beloved types to get a DXA scan way too! #YesYouScan
    2. The undesirable information: Osteoporosis is typically called the silent illness for the reason that you just can’t come to feel your bones obtaining weaker. The excellent news: A DXA scan aids you assess your danger of this illness. #YesYouScan www.healthywomen.org/yesyouscan


    1. I’m pledging to just take management of my health and fitness and reduce #osteoporosis, beginning with a DXA scan. RT if you’re with me. #YesYouScan
    2. #DYK osteoporosis can lead to far more hospitalizations and increased #healthcare expenditures than coronary heart attack, stroke or breast most cancers blended? Pledge to get a DXA scan and improved comprehend your possibility. www.healthywomen.org/yesyouscan


    1. I’m having a DXA scan to improved fully grasp my risk of osteoporosis, a illness that impacts 54 million People. Ready to acquire manage of your bone health and fitness? #YesYouScan! Add to your story if you are with me.
    2. I have the ability to comprehend my bone overall health and evaluate my chance for #osteoporosis. So can you! It commences with a DXA scan. #YesYouScan choose handle of your bone health. Understand how: www.healthywomen.org/yesyouscan

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