Ten Useful Buffetware Kitchen Equipment for Handling Iced or Cold Foods

There are various kitchen products for making ice, ice cream, and smoothies. Consequently there is kitchen equipment for keeping these ice products cool. Once it has been made, what buffetware kitchen equipment can you use for handling and storing these icy creations?

There are at least ten Buffetware kitchen products that you may require for handling iced food items.

  1. Ice Bucket.

Once you’ve made ice or crushed ice in an ice maker, you will need an ice bucket to keep the ice in that you serve to your customers or to keep drinks, such as sparkling wine, cool in.

  1. Ice Tong.

This handy kitchen tool acts like a steel set of fingers that allows you to gently and hygienically remove the ice from an ice bucket or ice maker.

  1. Milk or Cream Jug.

Milk can be kept cool or warm in a milk jug. The same goes for a cream jug (best to keep the cream cool though).

  1. Milk Pail Dispenser.

Dispensing milk has never been easier than when using a milk pail dispenser. It prevents spills while pouring.

  1. Punch Bowl.

Once you’ve created your punch cocktail and diced some fruit, pouring it all into a punch bowl will make the drink look more appealing to your guests.

  1. Sundae Cup.

What better way to serve ice cream after you’ve made it in an ice cream maker? The sundae cup makes the dessert look attractive and more appealing.

  1. Beverage Server.

This is great way to serve your drinks. Using a beverage server looks more professional and is an interesting piece of kitchen equipment.

  1. Juice Dispenser.

You can create tasty juices and dispense them from a juice dispenser. These units usually look elegant and are suitable for display purposes.

  1. Salad Bowl.

It’s summer time and having a fresh delicious salad as a side dish is refreshing. Finding a suitable salad bowl for the amount and type of salad you’ve made will make your salad look more chef-like.

  1. Buffet Clam Shell.

This is something different. It is a unique display dish that you can server clams, mussels or shell fish on ice in. You will be the talk of the table when you use this dish as a display.

These are just a few kitchen products that are handy when handling cold foods or ice dishes and they help you keep your kitchen looking more professional. Keeping these kitchen items in your kitchen will make life so much easier.

Jacqueline M. Faulkner

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