The Corner of Pax, West Virginia – Restaurant Review

Pax, West Virginia, is the home of The Corner, formerly known as Kelly’s Korner, a family-owned eatery that serves up some scrumptious country cooking. You won’t find anything fancy on the menu or for a daily special. What you will find is hot dogs, hamburgers, open-faced turkey and roast beef sandwiches, and club sandwiches prepared with TLC, usually accompanied by crisp, hot-from-the-oven French fries or hand-whipped mashed potatoes with homemade gravy.

Breakfast is my favorite meal at Kelly’s. Perfectly cooked eggs, crisp bacon, toast or biscuits (no bagels here) and a steaming cup of coffee. Of course, that’s all after a rousing “Good Morning!” Additionally, there may be pancakes or French toast, all made from scratch like the biscuits. And don’t forget the sausage gravy to cover those biscuits (if you get there before my family eats!).

Possibly the best thing about The Corner is the folks who eat there and the folks that stop by to visit. Most of the locals eat here, and since Pax is relatively small, just about everyone knows everybody else. I love to sit back, enjoy my coffee, and listen to the chatter about farms, crops, the big reunion coming up (Pax has a reunion every two years for graduates from Pax High School, and it’s big doin’s, let me tell you–we’re talking over three thousand people coming to a town with a population of about 200 give or take a few) or state politics, always an interesting topic anywere in West Virginia.

So if you find yourself driving on I-77 in southern West Virginia, look for the Pax exit and enjoy a meal at The Corner. You may have to wait a minute or two for a table during the busy breakfast, lunch, and dinner hours, but you’ll be glad you did.

Jacqueline M. Faulkner

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