The Healthiest Ways to Order at a Mexican Restaurant

How to Eat Healthy at a Mexican Restaurant

To eat the most exquisite food, you should seek out the finest restaurant in your area. But if you’re a fan of Mexican cuisine, find a restaurant that serves high-quality, authentic dishes to enjoy a memorable dining experience. 

Consequently, the best meals are made from scratch using only the highest-quality, locally sourced products. And almost every dish on a Mexican menu can be made healthier with just a few substitutions and tweaks, without sacrificing any authentic flavors you’ve come to expect.

Therefore, if you are a foodie in search of the most outstanding Mexican food Fort Worth has to offer, then consider the following food options:


The salads at Mexican restaurants typically feature a wide variety of ingredients. Order a sauce on the side to adjust the amount to your liking. 

If you’re watching your intake of saturated fats, you might want to forego the tortilla chips and cheese typically served with it. Alternatively, you can restrict your intake or split it with a companion.

Choose Brown Rice Instead of White

Brown rice, available at most Mexican restaurants, is a healthier alternative to white rice because it contains more protein and fiber, among other micronutrients. 

Also, it has a low glycemic index and is packed with healthy fats and nutrients, including vitamin K and fiber. Therefore, for adequate Mexican food Fort Worth consider whole wheat tortillas as healthier alternatives to their white flour counterparts.

Lean Protein

Consuming sufficient amounts of lean protein is crucial because of its role in the preservation of muscle strength and its capacity to curb overeating. Choose grilled chicken or fish over fried; this is because some of the health benefits of these dishes are lost when they are cooked in unhealthy fats or smothered in unhealthy sauces.

However, you can always inquire about alternate preparation methods, such as grilling or having extra sauce on the side. If you’re vegetarian or vegan, you may be interested in a dish that substitutes beans for meat.


Because of their high protein content, low total fat, low saturated fat, and high fiber content, black beans are approved as a healthy food option. However, refried beans may seem like a healthy choice, depending on the restaurant’s preparation method.

For instance, lard is sometimes used to prepare refried beans, and several eateries enhance the flavor with cheese and salt. If you’re looking for a healthy alternative to refried beans, try pinto beans. They have a similar taste but without added cholesterol or sodium.

Choose Fresh Foods

Compared to other cuisines, fresh ingredients significantly impact Mexican restaurants. The reason for this is that the tastiest Mexican food is full of life, with bold tastes that demand attention. Finding a Mexican eatery known for serving fresh meat and vegetables is essential.

Consider Soft Food Over Crunchy

The frying process concentrates the flavors of crunchy foods like those alluring tortilla chips. Unfortunately, they could have more sodium and fat than you prefer. So, go for baked soft tortillas and tacos instead of fried ones, and ensure to cut down on the number of chips you eat. 

You must, however, refrain from certain Mexican foods, like:

Dishes That Are Fried

Eating fried meals regularly has been linked to a higher chance of developing cardiovascular complications like stroke. Besides, pinpointing the exact number of calories in this energy-dense dish is a challenge. Avoiding fried meals can help you maintain a healthy weight.

Sugary Drinks

When in any restaurant, ensure you order water instead of sugary drinks. Drinking sugary beverages can make you crave salty and fatty foods, but drinking enough water has only positive effects, such as keeping your bowels regular and decreasing your headache frequency.

Cut Back on the Cheese

When it comes to salads and tacos, many people choose to use mild cheese or even skip it altogether in favor of other flavoring options. Put in a little more effort by spicing things up with more onions, black beans, and tomatoes. 


Eating healthfully while dining out is difficult. An excellent Mexican food Fort Worth restaurant is a great place to get a meal that fits your dietary needs and preferences if you take the time to peruse the menu in advance.  

Jacqueline M. Faulkner

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