The Magic Called Moong Dal Halwa

A low down on the much loved dessert of India and a light discussion centering around the trend of buying food online.

The cherished Indian dessert

Moong Dal halwa. The very name of it can make you have sweet cravings. Calorie laden and yet irresistible, Moong Dal halwa is one of the most favourite traditional sweets of India. The clarified butter (ghee, in the desi version) based dessert bears its origin to the desert state of Rajasthan. It is part of a number of Hindu festivals, celebrations and wedding menus and liked by people all across the country. Moong dal or split green gram is the core ingredient here (split yellow gram can be a substitute if need be) and milk, clarified butter, sugar and saffron feature in supporting roles. Mawa (khoya), dry fruits, cardamom (elaichi) powder, charoli (chiraunji) are the optional ingredients are often used to heighten the flavour.

The end result is rich, aromatic, flavoursome and endowed with a unique texture. It has a long shelf life and can be made, refrigerated and enjoyed over a long period of time. And the best part is, today, you don’t need to be in Rajasthan or be a cooking expert to savour this out of the world delicacy. You can easily grab a pack of the ready to eat renditions of Moong Dal halwa from the nearby store or better still, buy it online and get started if you were to indulge in a bowl of the delicious dessert, without having to scrub for it for long hours in the kitchen. Wonderful indeed!

Buying food online

The concept of buying food online is no more limited to the medium through which it has been communicated all this while. It is becoming more popular than you can imagine. This in no way means that the cathedrals of consumerism, our very own malls and local shops, will run out of business and down shutters. What this goes on to show is the fact that this ‘buy food online’ phenomenon which was like an idea in its nascent stage few years ago has finally hit off big time. It has received acceptance from people from different walks of life and gained a lot of takers thanks to burgeoning demands, an elevation of the middle income group, the fast pace of present day lifestyles and the availability of options. All this also underlines the fact that almost everything today is getting digitised. Many analysts even say that the day isn’t far away when this digital revolution and buying food online will seem more normal than buying eatables in the store across the street.

So the next time you wish to dig into a lipsmacking dish or an exotic dessert, you just need to click the button!

Jacqueline M. Faulkner

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