Top 3 Best and Yet Affordable Buffet Restaurants in Las Vegas

There are fantastic diners or food boutiques (or anything in between!) in this fabulous city where you can indulge your gastronomic senses in an unprecedented way. You can truly make eating and drinking one of your favourite activities here. Some of them may still be above the price range you may be willing to consider. But, there are some fabulous places which still offer great food, great choices and truly great prices.

1 – Cravings at The Mirage. This fabulous place still offers choice and quality at affordable prices. Located in the upper mid strip and inside a great resort and casino, Cravings Mirage offers the best smoked salmon for breakfast, the very best, delicious, made-to-order salads for lunch, fabulous made-to-order (hot) sandwiches on selected lunch days, and really high quality Chinese soups for lunch. Moreover, they offer roll-over breakfast/lunch/dinner, which makes this places our favourite choice.

2 – Rio’s Carnival World. Ideal if you seek a huge range of dishes at truly affordable prices. Well worth the trip using the free shuttles from several mid-strip locations (Bill Gambling’s Hall, Bally’s, Harrah’s, Paris).

3 – Main Street Station Hotel & Casino (Garden Court). Located downtown, it’s the most affordable place you can enjoy without compromising quality. It’s not serving utmost gourmet food, but you can happily eat here (and eat a wide range of dishes) at truly affordable prices. This is particularly helpful during the outrageous weekend prices everywhere else (yes, this city cranks up the prices during the weekend, in a very annoying way!).

Jacqueline M. Faulkner

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