Top Norwegian winter dishes to make in an air fryer 

Norwegian Food: 25 Must-Try Dishes in Norway | Will Fly for Food

Scandinavian countries are famous for a lot of things. And among them, the country most famous for its ethnic beauty and mesmerizing landscapes is Norway. Therefore, Norway is in the spotlight for travelers and visitors worldwide. People love to visit tourist attractions and experience the culture of this region but what they love most is Norwegian food. Tourists are very interested in trying different types of Norwegian dishes and delicacies. 

A country’s cuisine has always been the foremost in displaying the culture and lifestyle of its people. The food items of every region tell the best stories about the local traditions and celebrations. Thus it is true that food is the most significant attraction visitors pursue while discovering different countries. If you are looking for dishes to make in an air fryer, then these are the top picks:

  1. Fish

Fish is the main component of a Norwegian’s meal. It is eaten as the main dish in every household. The importance of fish is such that the people of Norway know how to cook numerous kinds of it in various ways. A breed of fish that you can quickly cook in an air fryer is the Mackerel fish. You can season it according to your taste, but traditionally people keep it simple and add only ginger and black pepper. Remember that this fish has a strong flavor on its own, so you don’t need to add any salt. Pop it in the air fryer and cook for 30 Minutes on each side. Your delicious dish is ready to serve.

  1. Waffles

You might think dessert should be placed at the end of this list, but Norwegians love waffles and have them as snacks in their daily routine. Among Norwegian desserts, waffles are the most popular item you can enjoy and treat your tastebuds. The Norwegian waffles are made in heart-shapes, so make sure you have the heart-shaped cutter by you. While you cannot make them at home in an air fryer, you can buy frozen ones from the market and heat them. Traditionally, waffles are paired with strawberry jam or cream. If you want to buy the best ingredients for making waffles or any other dish at your home, I would recommend you to check Norwegian reviews and see which store is the best.

  1. Lefse

This dish is made with potatoes and is the Norwegian version of crepes or pancakes. This flatbread looks like a tortilla and is served as an appetizer. Air fry the dough on parchment squares for 8-10 minutes on both sides. You can eat this with butter, jam, or cream and enjoy the traditional taste of Norwegian food.

  1. Polse

If you like hot dogs, you must try this Norwegian version too. It is the typical fast food of Norway found in every stall and store. You can steam hot dogs and buns in the air fryer. 

  1. Dumplings 

Another delicious dish you can prepare in the air fryer is potato dumplings, characteristic of Norway. These include ham as a critical ingredient. You can season them in your preferred way and put them in the air fryer. Treat yourself to this yummy Norwegian dish and tell your friends to try it too.


Try the above suggestions of Norwegian dishes in your air fryer and prepare delicious meals quickly. These food items are a hit among Norwegians, and you can impress your guests with their cuisine by following simple recipes. 

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