What to Look for in a Wine Fridge


If you care how your wine tastes, investing in a wine fridge is great. As a wine enthusiast, nothing beats being able to preserve your wine in the best of conditions.

Choosing to buy a wine fridge is not a small decision, given how expensive they can be. There are many types available in the market, and it is easy to settle for a basic wine fridge.

However, if you want to preserve your wine for a longer period in proper conditions, buying a more sophisticated appliance that would provide the right temperature and humidity levels is necessary.

There are many things to consider, such as wine fridge size, features, and costs when buying a wine fridge. We will look at these things more elaborately below.

1. Bottle capacity

The size of the wine fridge is very important. Your needs will certainly grow more than what is obtainable now; thus, it is advisable to double your size needs when buying a wine fridge. You have to understand how wine fridge bottle capacity works.

Many wine fridge makers use Bordeaux-size bottles as the benchmark measurement for bottle capacity, but the capacity will be smaller than expected if you have wider bottles.

2. What is the interior made of?

If you want to differentiate quality wine fridges from cheaper ones, you should look at what the interior is made of. Good wine fridges come with an aluminum interior.

This helps in the conduction of heat and cold, which isn’t obtainable with those having plastic interiors. However, those with aluminum interiors are more expensive than their plastic counterpart, which is expected.

3. Consider shelving

Shelving also comes in different options. Cheaper wine fridges possess shelves made of fixed chrome wires, but more expensive wine fridges come with strong wooden racks, which are more durable.

You should also choose wine fridges whose shelves slide in and out easily and don’t pose a problem when trying to take out a wine bottle. Thus, see how the shelves move before you buy to determine whether you like it.

4. Door material

Wine fridges with glass doors are preferred by many. They allow you to glimpse your wine collection without opening it. However, insulation is poor, and they are quite pricey. But if you prefer this option, you should go for one that offers ample protection against UV light, which is harmful to wine.

5. Vibration

Wine fridges with compressors cause vibrations to occur. And we all know that vibrations can damage wine because they unsettle the sediments in wine which can affect the taste in the long run. Thus, consider wine fridges with less vibration. Compressors fitted with rubber blocks can be the needed solution.

6. Consider wine fridges with locks and alarms

It is not uncommon to find wine fridges with added features such as locks and alarms nowadays. Locks help to keep your wine away from intruders. This is great for those with curious children around. Alarms help to notify you when the wine fridge’s door has been mistakenly left open or if the temperature drops significantly and needs to be regulated.


When buying a wine fridge, you need to be aware of its features to make a good choice. The points mentioned above will aid you in that regard.

Jacqueline M. Faulkner

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