Biltong has long been recognised in South Africa as the perfect accompaniment to arduous hunting trips, mountaineering expeditions and sitting through a rugby game. With growing numbers of ex-pat communities around the world biltong – a dry cured meat – has travelled the globe and is finding increasing popularity amongst […]

Trout and salmon are almost revered as superb eating but the catfish is deliberately avoided by many people. When these people are challenged privately it usually transpires that they have never tried it, but firmly believe that catfish cannot be a good thing to eat. Because of this prejudice they […]

Flavored coffee refers to your regular coffee, but it’s made tastier through natural or synthetic flavors. Unlike popular belief, this method has been around for decades. As a matter of fact, this method is as old as the coffee beans. With the passage of time, new flavors became popular among […]

No, this is not an endearing story, although it may be… or a special recipe to help bring back your memory. It’s about life and everything it encompasses. In fact, this is about not only life but the entire universe from beginning to end and how you will soon see […]