Restaurant-Quality Sheet Pan Steak Fajitas Made In Your Own Kitchen


30 minutes to a delicious and nutritious, restaurant-quality meal!

Sheet pan meals have become increasingly popular these days because we all have such busy schedules! Simple dinners are a must— particularly on weeknights. But this isn’t just another sheet pan recipe. Our sheet pan steak fajitas are a homemade, restaurant-quality meal that are sure to become a new favorite. They’re super simple to prepare, are loaded with great flavor, and make for easy clean up! Save yourself some time and stress by making them tonight!

Why a Sheet Pan?

High-protein, low-carb, ingredients combine for a flavorful meal!

Besides the obvious convenience of cooking an entire meal in one pan — there are a number of reasons why sheet pan meals are so wonderful. You may already recognize this, but unlike many other cooking techniques, sheet pan meals use your oven at a higher temperature to achieve their results. Oven-roasted meals have a benefit of allowing the heat to surround the ingredients for more even cooking. Additionally, higher-temperature roasting leads to caramelization, allowing a natural sweetness to develop.

Because of their broad surface area and low rim, sheet pans are ideal for this kind of cooking. When ingredients are cut smaller, such as our sliced meat instead of a large roast, the meal will cook quickly.

Tips for Sheet Pan Magic

Lean steak and tender peppers and onions are the perfect filling for your healthy fajitas!

There are several elements that will deliver superior results. First, its worth investing in a high quality pan. Find a commercial-grade half-sheet pan (13″x18″ size). It’s heavy-duty construction will not only make for a better dish, but it’ll last longer than your average store-brand cookie sheet.

You’ll also want to use ingredients that have similar cook times, and make sure you prep them to take advantage of that. Our Sheet Pan Steak Fajitas combine sirloin that is thinly sliced, along with peppers and onions that have also been sliced.

Because you are roasting your ingredients at a higher heat, you’ll need some fat to help that process along. But, roasting brings out natural flavors, and the amount of fat you need is rather minimal. In our case, the olive oil does the trick but it also has another purpose– allowing those yummy seasonings we add to stick to our veggies and meat!

And, here’s the final point: be generous with your seasonings and flavors. Unlike many fajita recipes, you are not marinating the meat ahead of time, so give the roasting process enough extra zip to do its job by adding assertive flavors. In this case, we used spices and flavors that are typically found in south of the border dishes.

Fajitas in a Flash!

These colorful and nutrient-dense dinner is a super simple meal.

Our meal calls for all the flavors you would expect from Fajitas, without having to stand there and “stir fry” multiple ingredients in stages to complete the dish:

  • Lean steak
  • Bell peppers
  • Onions
  • Latin spices such as chili and garlic powders, cayenne for heat, smoked paprika and cumin or depth

Keep in mind you aren’t limited to one kind of pepper or onion– feel free to mix red, yellow, and green peppers or use red onion instead of yellow or sweet onions. While we know the spices called for in this recipe will work, you can also experiment with adding flavor twists of your own. For instance, add oregano (ooh, Mexican Oregano is a thing!), vary the types of chili powder (ancho or chipotle based), or even increase (or decrease) the cayenne to match your level of heat.

But the basics are here: prep your meat and veggies, toss them in the oil, add the spices, pop the whole enchilada (pun intended!) in the oven and, a few minutes later, you have dinner!

If you like, you can serve your fajitas with all the typical embellishments such as warmed corn or flour tortillas, a spot of sour cream or salsa, maybe some guacamole, and perhaps a squeeze of fresh lime or chopped cilantro. Any way you present them, they are quick, convenient and oh, so muy bueno!

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