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Due to an increase in the demand for vitamin supplements, some uncouth business people who are self-centered and thirsty for money are introducing counterfeit vitamin products that act as supplements to make money because the accessories might include dater with the body’s normal functioning. To avoid the traps of these greedy business people, the reliable reviews below are some of the things to consider avoiding purchasing fake vitamin supplements;

Check taste, smell, and mix ability.

Fake supplements do not dissolve in water easily, and they require you to shake well for them to mix, while original ones integrate easily. Another difference between authentic and fake supplements is that original supplements have a smooth texture, contrary to fake ones with an irregular surface. Artificial supplements have a pungent smell and a bad taste on the smell part.

Check labels

It might be best if you do thorough research before purchasing supplements. Fake supplements have errors on their labels, and they mostly have irregular fonts, incomplete information, spelling mistakes, and wrong taglines in their packaging. Their logos also are not aligned correctly.

Nutritional label

A keen look at the nutritional label can enable you to distinguish a fake supplement from an original one. Ingredients in diet products are shown by dietary brands, which depict the ingredients in supplements. Artificial vitamin supplements contain some components in the list which are missing the accessories. You should research and be aware of the elements that make up these vitamin supplements; if some ingredients are missing or extra ingredients in a supplement you intend to purchase, you can declare the supplement fake.  

Check the seal

Fake products do not have a seal. If you find a vitamin supplement you want to purchase does not have a seal, it is clear that the product is not genuine. In case fake products contain a seal, in most cases, the seal is loose and of poor quality. Some counterfeit products have an irregular seal and are loosely attached to the bottle. An original seal comprises the brand’s name on it. If the seal is plain or light, it’s clear that the product is fake.


hologram is also known as a logo. Most veteran brands have a 3D logo which is hard to forget. Before purchasing a supplement, you can find out from the website how the original hologram of the product you want to buy appears to avoid purchasing a counterfeit product.

Lot no. verification

Various companies offer online services that verify Lot numbers. In some cases, you can call the company’s customer care center and inquire about the authenticity of the commodity you want to purchase by giving out your lot number. Fake supplements will have a wrong lot number on them.

Look for the barcode.

A good number of mobile phones can support applications that can lead to barcodes, and also, Qr codes scanning a genuine brand will send you to the online website where you can find more information about a brandy you are about to buy. Barcode is one of the most efficient ways to confirm the authenticity of a product.

Check FFSA approval on the packaging.

It is crucial to ensure that the medicine has approval from Food Safety Associations. Since the supplements pass through various medical tests, you should confirm the commodity you are purchasing has verification from a prominent Food Standards Association. This step assures that you are acquiring a natural supplement.

Look out for the MPR sticker.

Un-genuine supplements contain an MPR sticker, while original ones have a tag with a logo on them. An assortment of MPR tags and a hologram makes it easy to identify the genuineness of a product before you make a purchasing decision.

Purchase from a reputable primacy.

Even though you are purchasing the supplements online, you should consider the prominence of the website and the website you want to buy. There are other emerging unpopular pharmacies and websites that perform] unethical business and medical activities by producing fake products for the market without considering the impact of these products on the consumption of humans

Side effects from fake supplements have made people keen on purchasing original accessories because the side effects have a dyer impact on an individual’s health. These counterfeit products contain these effects become they mostly use substances that have restricted human consumption, like harmful chemicals and spurious that that imitate the original supplements. The ingredients in this product can cause a permanent disability to your body. To avoid buying counterfeit vitamin supplements, you can follow the above steps to acquire the accessories of your desire from online websites. You can also try products from vitl and have a good experience of after-sale services given out by this company without regret.

Jacqueline M. Faulkner

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